Sunday, October 30, 2011

Josh Stock.. hEyyy?!!

Josh Stock is an funny dude! I recently visited him in Colorado, where he lives and runs a cool nonprofit called Snow boarders and skiers for Christ. Josh took me in, fed me, beat me up, tickled me, conversed with me about Jesus, partook in lots of sushi nights at nozawa, and he even showed me some shred maneuvers… As well as some old school Nintendo moves.

Anyways.. Dude's a weirdo so I recorded him, unsuspectingly, interview style, at the breakfast table. So, my honkie friends, here it is!

Rp: to dog. Come, take a seat. How ya doing today?
Josh: (mouthful of food) mmmmmm mmmghmhgg meow

Rp: meow, just meow
Josh: meow

(couple laughs and a few more meows)

Rp: yes buddy, how'did you sleep last night?
Josh: terrible

Rp: (chompin on food) haha, terrible? You sore? (we shredded a-basin hard the day before)
Josh: yeah, heck a sore. Dude. It's actually like in my back, ugh.

Rp: that was a fun day tho dude.
Josh: yeah! Super fun.

Rp: so corn beef hash, whats the story, did u invent it?
Josh: no. Na, I think it's an old Irish thing.

Rp: aight: tell me about josh stock... What's your story?
Josh: alright. Born and raised in enansburg pensilvania. Outside actually, town called new Germany. my brothers and I were always really competitive so we are always goofing around andour parents made us go outside. so we basically grew up outside and got into skateboarding in the late 80s when skateboarding was cool and Powell had that sick team called the bones brigade.

Rp: (munching on some grindage) mmm yea yup.

Josh: and then one day my brother came home with a snowboard and I was like ooh what is this thing? It was a pink 146 na no 143 sims. pointy tip, flat, flat tail. Then,when he wasn't looking I took it out on the hill rode it down the snowy hill..... and I got to the bottom and was like... Awww this is awesome :)

Rp: ah, yeah. Sweet. (eggs are tasting so great right now) Aight tell me about your first snowboard?

Josh: my first board was an avalanche 151. I worked all summer for it. Saved up like 350 bucks, or something. Had to buy it myself, cause my parents were a bunch of broke hillbillies.

Rp? Damn that's how much a snow board costed back in 1940?

Rp: u must have gotten the top of the line one..

Josh: na I dint care I just got whateve. $339 for board boots and bindings back then. I don't know nothin about boards. Only person who knew more than me was my older brother, and he didn't know anything!

RP: ha, first trick?
Josh: I did like a almost 360 and I'was so pumped on it. We didn't have Rails back then. I dont think they had rails until I was outta high school. never had rails.

Rp: yeah man that's sick dude. That brings me back. Totally. I remember growing up boardin and just finding like all the randomest stuff to hit! Side cut outs and stuff. I couldn't even toe side turn when I hit my first sidecut-out jump ha, ha. I just went for it.

Josh: Ha ha yeah dawg I was oblivious too. I was just A chucker!

Rp: (laughing, choking on eggs, mumbling) ha holler.!..

Rp: I couldn't even stop I just fell on my butt ever time!

( laughs. 3 minutes of just eating food )

Rp: what was your first sponsor?
Josh: this little company called Donnick. It was a snowboard company out of Denver. Some dude like saw me riding in the park and was like "hey dude I got this board company... Wanna help me make the boards better?" And I was down and he gave me some boards. But then that faded out. And Floyd (me.glad) was always riding Zion boards and eventually I asked Walter for a deck and he hooked me up.

Rp: tight!

Can u do flips?

Josh: yea. I'd rather do hand plants tho. To fakie...

Rp: aight I think I got all we need ( reaching to my phone to shut of the recorder app.)

: wha, u recorded all of that?

SUCKER!!! :]