Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Our buddy, Owen, from Seek Joy Productions put on an awesome pre-season rail jam at Wild Mountain this past Saturday. The sun was out and everyone was smiling, and having a good time! Here are some pictures of people I saw at the event :]

Our first Zany Earth team rider, E-Bart, aka Ian Bartling, aka I-Bart. REPPIN  it!!

DJ AB Aaron Becker with a solid ZE. nuff said.

Shane Hoshette and Ozzy playin' in the beatiful green grass :]
Shane wasn't even there, he was on some island,  tangerine island or somethin like that. But he sent us his best, and  his best Zany Earth hand logo! Props Shane, props!
My old friend and I re-united for the contest. He got a little sideways, and then I took his picture. Mike Cortez. ZE
And the Winner is....  TONY YOUNG!!!
Super fun day! thanks to SeekJoy Productions and the Miller brothers (George and Alex) for putting on the event. Congrats to Tony Young for riding awesome all day, winning it for the mens open devision, and taking home 1,000 bucks! ZEeee you this winter, for early season wild mtn shred!