Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Austin Young on Zeaches

Austin Young and I were shifting through some old photos that Nathaniel Harrington took WAY back in the day! We came across ALOT of Zeaches... Apparently the Zeach used to totally be Austin's trick… He had a little something to say about it, and here's what he had to say:

Yeah doglike disease she's to be right today I'll look into Evadell loveseats is dude I would get on the rail and do I front side seeds of backsides each of broadsides eat at a backsides eat and then I pretzel out of it was pretty crazy and like to back it up I like would half cab on do it and they do all these crazy seats combos and then I would Darkstar out of it is what I called it would be Princelett of the seats so sick!!!

Austin has a really bad lisp so that's why none of that made sense... Not typoed, just lisped..

Thanks Austin!