Wednesday, December 21, 2011

scotty stevens!

how you doing? 
good just got back today from anchorage filming rails

how's the beggining of winter treating you?
not bad my ankles all jacked but other than that just riding the bone zone. place is epic
any good snow in utah yet?

since it's the begining of the season i might as well ask, who are you filming with this winter?

do you like the skateboarding video cheese and crackers?
love it!

what are 3ish your favorite skateboarders?
rowley, kenny anderson, carroll. but the list goes on forever

what snowboard videos blew out your vcr as a kid?
decade!!!!! resistence, true life

do you ever have those days where all you can do is fart? like you just let off a million farts and still have more in you? thats how today was for me, just so musty.
ahhaa dude i have a reputation for the gnarliest ones out there!! i made my buddy ali throw up one day it was so bad

if you werem't a snowboarder, what would you be?
sad. a sad somebody

have you ever dyed your hair a rediculous color?
black haha i looked sketchy. kinda gothic

what's your favorite candy?
the big sweet tarts . their such a rip off cause theres only 4 but i love em

i'v heard a few nicknames, scotty staves, sleepy stevens, do you have any other weird nicknames certain people call you?
stevo ive been hearing a lot lately. but sleepy is the biggest

the last interview i did was with mike rav. that dudes a boss, huh? you stoked on him?
he incredible. finishing school and killling it on the board. crazy new schooler. snowboarding will be alright if rav is involved

mmm, any tunes you're jamin lately you might wanna thro out there? motown!! just motown for days!!!

and last thing, what stokes you out these days? (snowboarding or not snowboarding related):
well most of my friends know I'm pretty stoked on my puppy! maddie!! she's an australian shepherd . best dog!! she stokes me out all the time. sooo smart!!!