Monday, September 8, 2014

Hooks and Hammers on ColoRoids

Polaroids don't make anything look more "stealthy" but they do capture the moment a little different than our modern day cell phone camera or even digital cameras for that matter. The great thing about a Polaroid camera is that it prints the picture out imediately after it's taken. Hooks and Hammers is Bald Egal's final video release. After 14 years and many changes in the way we capture document and display snowboarding, Hooks and Hammers portrays the current state of our lifestyle to a T.  Here is some of the action on flimsy colored paper...

A purpleRoid of a shiny sunset. As this was happening the shreds were migrating from the St. Cloud skate plaza, pre-premier parties, and highways from every direction into the theater that would soon be premiering Hooks and Hammers, Homage, and Nothing to Prove.

Mr. Jack Heran made it out from River Falls, Wisconsin.

A.Y. And Jared Jordan where there too! Also stoked.

This is a greenRoid of Mike Pettit and Pete Harvieux. These guys are a big part of Minnesota snowboarding. Thanks for what you do Mike and Pete. 


Homage by Keep The Change

Bjorn Leines introduces Celtek's movie Nothing To Prove.

And last but not least, this guy is pretty sweet! Jake Durham did all the editting of the movie Hooks and Hammers. And that's a king size urinal, pretty wierd. Pick up a copy of Hooks and Hammers or one of the other two movies at you local snowboard shop.

Thanks to The Youth Shelter Supply for putting this on and getting us all out for a fun night!!!