Monday, November 24, 2014

A more accurate history of Zany Earth

For awhile I cruised by without too many people asking or caring what "Zany Earth" is. Now that we have clothes, a collaborative snowboard with Zion, Pants with Sugapoint, a belt with 7-9-13, and basically just a lot more logos everywhere, more people have been asking me "what is Zany Earth?"

Well, coming here to the website gives you a pretty good Idea of what this little brand is. There is snowboarding videos everywhere on the site. If you visit the Earthlings page, you get to see WHO exactly is most involved with this company. All of the Earthlings were either personal friends of mine before Zany Earth ever happened, or people who just stoked me out a bunch and made me say "that person is Zany Earth.

Zany Earth started on a road trip I took with a bunch of friends back in 2011. Cole Linzmier offered to drive me out to Hot Dawgs and Handrails in his Subaru Outback along with 4 other dudes and all their snowboard stuff. It was packed but it was fun! We got into big bear early and had a bunch of time to skate and hang out before the contest on Saturday. The contest went SUPER GOOD! I have to say that cause it lets you know part of the reason I left there really stoked. On the drive back another one of the guys in the car and I were just talking about earth and the scenery and all the fun stuff we get to do on it. Everyone in the car was also watching this really funny cartoon on Adult Swim called Adventure Time. I thought that the cartoon was zany and I decided to start a blog spot about all the zany things on earth. Naturally the best name for it was Zany Earth, so it was www.zanyearth.blogspot.com. My first post was a picture of Adventure Time that linked people to a website where they could watch episodes. After that I posted both the Transworld and the SnowboarderMag video recaps of the Hot Dawgs and Handrails contest. I wanted to focus a lot on probably the Zaniest of all things which was snowboarding. Snowboarding in my mind is one of the most weird, wonderfull, wild, zany, crazy, awesome and fun things to do on earth! I started to Write Zany Earth on my snowboard with a paint marker and a bunch of my friends did too! Eventually some other people got involved with Zany Earth and it became more of a company. Zion Snowboards gave me a pro model board and the first years graphics were a sick alien drawing that i drew, and the board was called the Ryan Paul Zany Earth board. Matt Rash started Repping for me and for Zion, we made Hoodies, T-shirts, and Stickers. My outerwear sponsor lets me design a pant for them every year and it has the Zany Earth logo on it. Zany Earth has become a huge platform for me to be creative and to get a whole bunch of other people stoked too! Kids have even came up to me and told me that Zany Earth is their favorite snowboard brand! Epic TV gave me a short series last year that we called Ryan Paul's Zany Earth. Garrett Fierstien and I filmed 3 episodes of traveling and snowboarding all over Washington and Minnesota. It was tons of fun and as well as giving me exposure it gave a bunch of exposure to talented up-and-coming riders like Zach Monte, Logan Herber and Conor Rose. I've had lots of fun being a part of this little thing called Zany Earth. I'm super stoked on everyone who has come along side me for the ride! I want Zany Earth to continue to grow like it has, include more people, help us all to be creative and pursue snowboarding and skateboarding and anything else we are passionate about. I'd like to make creative clothes that people enjoy wearing and get a sense of uniqueness from, I also plan on making Zany Earth products for snowboards that people haven't ever seen before! Over all I want to have fun and let Zany Earth be the ground we stand on to get creative and enjoy life!