Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our new board has Launched!

RP here, stoked to introduce the newest ZANY EARTH x ZION Snowboards deck to the world!

This is the fourth Zany Earth collaboration board we have done with Zion and its just keeps getting better and better! This board has the pop to launch you off jumps like a rocket and every other amazing tech feature from Zion Snowboards.

This year I put the Zany Earth pro deck through the ringers; testing the flex pattern on a few shady street rails and checking the durability on some gritty ledges as well. On snow its buttery and smooth and transfers from edge to edge super fast. I like to do a lot of FrontFlips and I can say with confidence that this board is spring loaded in all directions to be ready to launch you into a proper Tame Dog (forward-flip) off any side hit, knuckle, kicker, rail, ledge, jersey barrier or onto any/all of those features too! Pick one up at your local boardshop or at www.zionsnowboards.com, you'll be glad you did!

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